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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Harmony Skin and Wellness Clinic is thrilled to be able to empower women to reclaim their health and happiness through Ultra Femme 360™ Vaginal Rejuvenation.

You can’t escape it – we all age, and we age all over! No part of the body escapes, including the vagina.

You may be working on accepting that physical decline is inevitable, but here’s one area where aging and laxity can actually be reversed – you’ll feel young and vibrant down there.

Lady Parts Love It

Imagine a fulfilling sex life with no pain, no dryness, no chafing. If you are missing a satisfying connection with your partner, this simple non-surgical approach may be just the ticket.

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a simple and safe procedure that uses controlled radiofrequency to boost collagen production, stimulate mucous membranes (lubrication) and increase blood flow throughout the vagina and in the labia.

This treatment could put an end to your vaginal dryness and give a huge boost to your confidence and libido.


This vaginal tightening can also reduce stress-induced-incontinence. You know when you cough or laugh, there’s sometimes an uncontrollable teeny bit of peeing happening? Don’t let your body let you down in public any longer. Vaginal rejuvenation can reverse incontinence and that can absolutely have you feeling safe and secure in your own skin.

Conditions Treated

  • Mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of sensation
  • Internal and external laxity
  • Decreased circulation and blood flow
  • Painful intercourse

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Ultra Femme 360 treats the internal vaginal canal as well as the external surrounding labia.

How Does It Work?

Ultra Femme 360™ is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure, designed to improve vaginal health both internally and externally. By using carefully controlled radiofrequency, energy is delivered to the vaginal tissue both internally and externally.

Radiofrequency is used to stimulate collagen production, stimulate mucous membranes (lubrication), and increase blood flow in the treated areas. Externally the Ultra Femme 360 is able to create a lift and tightening of sagging skin. The beauty of using radiofrequency compared to a CO2 device is that Ultra Femme 360™ does not create punctures in the skin which could lead to bleeding and infection.

Our Ultra Femme 360™ treatment is performed in the comfort of our office, and takes approximately 30 minutes, with virtually no downtime. The lack of a recovery period makes this the perfect vaginal rejuvenation procedure for people who are busy and active.

What To Expect

First, you will want to schedule a consultation to go over your concerns and desires. After assessing your health-history a qualified clinician will schedule you for your first treatment.

The day of your appointment come well rested and hydrated. The treatment will be performed in one of our spa-like treatment rooms, attention to your privacy and comfort will be the main priority.

The treatment is fast and pain-free, with most client’s reporting a mild warmth sensation internally and externally.

After Treatment

There is no downtime with this treatment so you are free to return to work and your daily activities.

It is recommended to sustain from sexual intercourse for 48 hours, however, it is not mandatory.

We always recommend drinking water, water, and more water! Hydration helps all functions in the body and will help replenish the treated tissues with moisture.

What To Do Next?

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our highly qualified providers to learn if vaginal rejuvenation is right for you!

Before and After Pictures

Commonly Asked Questions

You should not feel much discomfort during the Ultra Femme 360™ vaginal rejuvenation procedure. The radiofrequency energy will cause you to feel a warming sensation during the procedure, but many patients actually describe it as being comfortable.

Women who are great candidates for feminine rejuvenation include women who have given birth, women who have gone through menopause, and women experiencing urinary incontinence. That said, all areas of our body age, and “they” say that if you can see a line on your face, you are aging in other areas as well. Any women over the age of thirty can receive the benefits of stimulating collagen and elastin anywhere on their body, feminine rejuvenation is no exception to that rule!


Some patients report being able to see an external change after their first treatment and some report being able to enjoy the benefits of their treatment even just one week after. However, In order to get the best results we recommend getting three Ultra Femme 360 vaginal rejuvenation treatment sessions. You should notice positive results after your first treatment session, but the results will only continue to improve as you progress in the treatment plan.

Although Femme Ultra 360™ can turn back time, it cannot completely stop the aging process. Most client’s find that after completing a series of three they need to come back for one touch-up session a year. 

Harmony Skin and Wellness Clinic values your commitment to younger, healthier looking skin. We want your investment with Harmony to offer you the best results possible. Because of that we offer each of our anti-aging clients a complimentary Skin Health Analysis.Usually if you are concerned about wrinkles, there are other factors contributing to your frustrations that you may not have considered. There may be things like laser skin rejuvenation that can dramatically add to the youthfulness you are looking for. 

During your Skin Health Analysis, your esthetician will use the Visia imaging system to conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin. You will see a computerized image detailing your hydration, your pigmentation, the bacteria on your skin, your pore size, the location and depth of your wrinkles and even your lash length. Then we will put together a 6 month plan for you that addresses correction and prevention, in order to ensure you always look the age you feel, not the age you are.

When considering these procedures please be sure to schedule 4-6 weeks prior to any special event or extended travel plans.

*Individual results will vary