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Most women and men pay the most attention to what stares back at them everyday-their face! However many people forget that the hands are one of the most prominent indicators of age on the body, second only to the face. Just like the face, as you age the muscles, bones and fat that make up your hand structure slowly diminish, resulting in volume loss, wrinkles and visible veins. Additionally, your hands undergo constant, often unrealized, sun damage in everyday activities such as driving and being active outdoors.

Suggested Treatments

  • FotoFacial®
  • Radiesse®
  • Microneedling


There are many things that can contribute to volume loss in the hands, primarily sun exposure, smoking and emotional stress along with the unavoidable process of aging in general.


When it comes to treating hands, it is always good to remember to:

  1. Apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands.
  2. Use moisturizer throughout the day.
  3. At night after you have applied your serums and moisturizes to your face, take any excess and place it on the back of your hands as well. Any product designed to protect your facial skin from aging will work the same way for your hands!

When considering these procedures please be sure to schedule 4-6 weeks prior to any special event or extended travel plans.

Commonly Asked Questions

At Harmony Skin and Wellness Clinic we offer a variety of procedures in order to tailor treatments to our client’s unique needs. As far as aging hands goes, all three treatments will create an enhanced appearance. The differences include that they involve different technologies and each has a different downtime.

The IPL treatment is considered laser technology and creates results that emerge within a week after the skin heals. This option is best for sun-damaged hands.

Microneedling creates results within a week, with continued results emerging for several months. Microneedling is great for skin that is dehydrated, volume-depleted, and has minor pigmentation problems. 

Radiesse is most useful for patients who desire an instant “wow” result, who have moderate to severe volume loss, and for whom sun damage is not the biggest concern. Radiesse is a nice addition in combination with both Microneedling and FotoFacial, as it works under the surface, while the other two repair the damaged surface of the skin.

Our Physicians Assistants, Nurses, and Master Estheticians have extensive training from nationally accredited institutes. All of our laser technicians have a minimum of 300 hours of hands-on laser training prior to treating our clients, and most have a decade or more of experience. Harmony also conducts annual training to ensure that our employees are staying on top of new advances in the industry. For eighteen years we have been providing our clients with an exceptional experience every time they come to visit us.

Investing in anti-aging treatments without also investing in the right at-home skin care regiment, is like going to the dentist for a cleaning and never brushing at home. Anti-aging and comprehensive skin care go hand in hand when trying to enhance your skin’s suppleness. At-home products help you heal faster, achieve results faster, and maintain your results longer.

*Individual results will vary